Jon Lindholm is from Helsinki and a graduate of Zurich University of the Arts. All of his artworks are exclusively available for purchase via this website. Have fun exploring the collection and just contact us if you would like to buy an artwork.


52cm x 42cm I Cut out letters


It is the daydream of every aspiring artist: Living only from the income of his own artworks without working any other jobs. In reality, the estimate is that only about 2% of all artists worldwide who have graduated from art school can actually make a living and pay all their bills from the fruits of their labour.
THE BILLS takes this idea to the extreme by stacking all kinds of bills from several years from the artist’s life on top of each other and putting the summed up price tag on it. The work can be acquired via two different cash flow models:
1. The collector makes a one time payment of CHF 59’031.30
2. The collector provides twelve monthly payments of CHF 4’919.275 each

50cm x 50cm x 12cm I Paper bills on sculpture


26cm x 18.5cm I Plastic letters on chalkboard


The purchase of an artwork has a lot in common with the acquisition of assets in general but most of all there is a resemblance to stocks. Potential buyers gather information about artists and their work as they would about firms and their products. Finally, an investment decision is made and the obtained artwork either ends up within own four walls, a gallery, a duty free warehouse, a museum or similar location. Hoping to buy low and sell high, art buyers and stock pickers are very much alike in their hunt and hope for a significant increase in value.

70cm x 50cm I Fineliner pen on canvas


This is the first work in my series about Scrooge McDuck, the infamous treasure hunter and emblem of the modern capitalist. He is thrifty, diligent and industrious but most of all he is a born manipulator, leaning on his cane while recruiting his own family members to search for hidden treasures spread out across the globe. After they have done all the tedious and hard labour for him, Scrooge is leaving them exhausted on the sidelines and reaping all the benefits for himself. Always in fear of losing his fortune, he takes comfort in taking a swim in his massive money bin overlooking the city of Duckburg.

33cm x 27cm I Cut out comic bubbles


34cm x 42cm I Egg tempera, linseed oil and pigment on canvas